The motel - which I have had for 16 years - is a place where everyone is welcome. 
Here we do not pretend to be more than we are. Price and services are carefully matched. The perfect choice for you who want a clean bed at the best price.
Right in the center, 5 min from the border and close to nature.
Sleep in green bedding
Our bedding is not dyed green - but we call it green anyway.
The yarn from our supplier Centralvaskeriet is spun with a special technology which reduces the process time by up to 20% and therefore reduces both CO2, water and gas emissions.
Allergy-friendly sleep
The technology around the yarn makes the fibers extra strong, it reduces dust from the bedding - and then it is washed with Nordic Ecolabelled soap. 
Motel Apartments · Vestergade 87 · DK-6270 Tønder · +45 2321 3760 ·
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